Editorial: Worst-case scenario (Politicians taking care of themselves)

POSTED: 09/13/14 11:56 PM

Politicians have a tendency to take good care of themselves. Our front-page story about the political pensions for four soon to be ex-ministers and seven MPs that did not manage re-election depicts a worst-case scenario. These numbers are approximately correct when none of them manage to generate any kind of income during the next two years.

The bad thing is: nowhere does it say that these eleven politicians have to make an effort to find another job. That does not exactly encourage them to do something, because even 70 percent of their generous income (for Members of Parliament almost $7,400 gross per month – something most employees in our country will never earn) is more than enough to keep them comfortable.

One may well ask the question whether it is reasonable for the country to fork over more than $4 million in the next two years to people who do nothing at all.

Unfortunately, the only ones who are able to change this system are the politicians that benefit from it.


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Editorial: Worst-case scenario (Politicians taking care of themselves) by

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