Editorial: Worrisome

POSTED: 01/21/13 1:07 PM

Minister Pantophlet’s plans for a convention center at the harbor is not well-received everywhere, as our front page article shows. Maybe the minister will come up with a decent explanation for this initiative, and with data that support the feasibility of such a project.
Maybe even more serious than the American criticism of the convention center is the notion that thousands of timeshare owners have turned their backs on St. Maarten. Their replacements have smaller wallets, we learn from Jeff Berger’s newsletter.
To make matters worse, an economic survey shows that the number of stay-over visitors from the North American market will decrease by 3 percent this season and lead to 21,500 fewer stay-over nights.
These developments are worrisome and they require action from the government on several fronts, and in particular that of the timeshare sector. What happened to the legislation for this industry?

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