Editorial: World Animals Day

POSTED: 10/4/12 12:47 PM

There is hardly a day or a month in the calendar that is not dedicated to a cause. This month’s cause is breast cancer awareness. But within this month the United Nations has marked fifteen commemorative days, that’s one every other day of the month. These days reflect on topics like world habitat, older persons, teachers, postal workers, mental health, girl children, disaster reduction, rural women, the eradication of poverty and audiovisual heritage.
That’s the harvest of one month and the list is not even complete. Most remarkably, World Animals Day is not even on the list – and that is what the world ought to celebrate today.
It is a day with many angles: if you do not love animals, you are incapable of loving people, let alone yourself, is something we have heard more than once. Animal cruelty is one of those social ills that function as a red flag, because this is among the hobbies of psychopaths who may later in life turn their attention to human beings.
World Animal Day is not at all the one day in the year to be kind to animals. It is a day to remind people of who they are and how their behavior (also towards animals) reflects on the way they deal with their environment.
So next to the fight against breast cancer – marked by this newspaper with a special Today-logo on the front page – there is also the need for awareness about the way we treat our animals.

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