Editorial: Wise lesson – for future governments

POSTED: 10/2/15 1:04 PM


The move by the Council of Ministers to dissolve the parliament – at least, to make an attempt to do so, – is as big a surprise as the motion of no-confidence the opposition dropped on the parliament on Wednesday.

The council’s decision is driven by a desire to finally put a stop to the seemingly endless changes in government that serve politicians well but do nothing for the good of the country.

Even if the governor does not sign the national decree to dissolve the parliament, the move holds a wise lesson for future governments. They could, at the first sign of unrest, decide to dissolve the parliament to prevent moves that are inspired by greed and personal agendas.

New elections could also put some of the players involved out in the political cold, because they just left a powerful party that is unlikely to let them in for another safe journey to a coveted seat in parliament.

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