Editorial: Who is in control?

POSTED: 11/12/12 1:37 PM

UP-leader Theo Heyliger came out swinging after six months of radio silence in a candid interview on Oral Gibbes Live last week. If there is anything to his statements about the sand that was dredged from the Great Bay area and that was subsequently dumped in the Great Salt Pond, the government has some explaining to do and Members of Parliament have some questions to ask.

Heyliger’s suggestion that Harbor CEO Mingo might have been pressured “by someone he must have been afraid off” to move the sand at an extortionate price warrants at least a thorough investigation.

There are millions at stake that were – according to the UP-leader – taken away from a project to upgrade Union Road.

Apart from the money, it is of course unsettling that nobody seems to know who gave the permission – or the order – to dredge up the sand and to dump it in the Great Salt Pond while there is apparently no plan and no money for the construction of the controversial drag racing strip.

Many people will wonder now who is really in control: the government – or some obscure party behind the scenes.

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