Editorial: Whistleblowers

POSTED: 08/19/13 11:44 AM

Attorney-General Dick Piar addressed an interesting issue last Friday: the protection of whistleblowers. Why is this important? Piar notes correctly that many people live in a culture of fear and that they simply do not dare to report abuse – whether it happens in a company or in some government institution.
We all know what happened to the last whistleblower in St. Maarten. Bas Roorda spotted irregularities at the Tourist Bureau, took his findings to the prosecutor’s office and subsequently lost his job at the finance department.

Piar points out that several countries already have whistleblower-legislation and that the islands do not have to re-invent the wheel. The point is of course that writing legislation requires political will. Somebody has to take the initiative.

We think that regulating the position of whistleblowers makes sense. Unfortunately, this issue is on nobody’s political radar so far. Which party is going to pick it up for next year’s elections?

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