Editorial: Wheels of justice

POSTED: 09/6/11 2:00 PM

The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but turn they do. While many people have started wondering aloud whether the prosecutor’s office had silently decided to forget about December’s three million dollar Eco-Green scandal that cost Public Health Minister Maria Buncamper-Molanus her political career, yesterday the Chief Prosecutor made clear that this is not the case and that laws enforcement has plenty of leeway to pursue the investigation in the near future.
From the criminal justice point of view, the sale of the economic ownership of a piece of land for an astronomic amount has all the hallmarks of money laundering. And that is the stumbling block: there is a lack of capacity and expertise for the execution of this type of specialized investigations.
But the time will come when that investigative capacity is available, be it this year or next year; as long as the prosecutor’s office has not taken the first step in the actual investigation, the clock for the reasonable term within a suspect may expect clarity about a possible criminal prosecution does not start ticking.
The perspective that something that was very wrong may one day be judged in court is a comforting feeling for law-abiding citizens who started to get the uneasy feeling that justice is not applied evenly in St. Maarten.

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