Editorial: What we are entitled to

POSTED: 07/21/11 11:43 AM

History can and does repeat itself, especially when dealing with politicians who are not willing to admit an error, or go half way by pointing the finger at someone else and saying they’re the one to blame. In this instance we watch from the sidelines as no one within parliament accepts responsibility for violating a constitutional provision for handling initiative legislation.

The question that immediately springs to mind is: Where is the leadership that people were promised. Where is the ability to step up to the plate and accept that an error has been made and should be corrected? Because while some continue to fill airwaves and newspapers with “No one objected to my proposal” and “Stop playing politics” and “I don’t play games” it is clear that a gross error was made and there is but one who can claim to not be part of it.

The reason history is repeating itself is that the ever popular statement of “it’s living a life of its own” has resurged. Do we remember last year when the motion of no confidence in Xavier Blackman was passed unanimously? The one striking difference is that the error was acknowledged and the process to potentially remove Blackman stalled dead in its tracks. This year however, with a much bigger matter, there is no one to take responsibility.

Everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion. They are also entitled their errors. The people in general are also entitled to see some real leadership.

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