Editorial: What is wisdom?

POSTED: 11/13/12 3:05 PM

UP-leader Theo Heyliger has challenged the government about the way it is dealing with the interests of the island’s lifeblood – cruise tourism. He sees his carefully crafted relationships with the major players in the industry crumble due to what he considers ill-fated decisions. There has been a lot of resistance against the development of an adventure park at the Emilio Wilson Estate, but Heyliger may well have a point when he indicates that going up against the cruise lines sounds like an idea that will not benefit St. Maarten.

From a project founded on capital investments by the cruise industry, the Emilio Wilson Estate has become a $17 million millstone around the government’s neck. That’s a promise, mind you, and as usual there is no money to live up to it.

What is wisdom? Heyliger may very well be right and time could prove that pulling the plug on the adventure park was the wrong decision – in economic terms. The heritage point of view that is of course a completely different story.

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