Editorial: What is happening?

POSTED: 10/5/11 12:37 PM

As headlines continue to daily alert us all to the violence in our country, the common question is: What is happening? Coming to an answer on this is not easy, nor will it point to one clear solution. In fact the reality is multiple forces are at work and each must be dealt with in a specific way.
The stagnant economy plays its role in the increase of armed robberies as more people seek to maintain a standard of living, while they either seek work or because they don’t truly to find it. There’s a possibility that what they want to do is not economically viable here and their prospects for leaving to pursue it elsewhere are slim to none. This challenge will require its own specific solutions.
The state of education, which is not as healthy as the minister would like, also contributes to the present situation and is linked to the reduced prospects that send people into criminality. Part of that education is the values that each of us should get from early on. Simple things like if it’s not yours, then you have no right to it and that conflict is best resolved via peaceful means are some of the values we speak of.
It is important, now more than ever, to seek to repair our society, which hangs on hinges that are not quite broken all the way. There is still virtue in this land and good men and women must now becoming the contractors to repair the gateways of our country. Much like anything else that challenges us, we all need to create the solution together, instead of turning even more inwards in an effort to avoid that which we consider someone else’s problem.

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