Editorial: What a relief

POSTED: 07/26/12 12:40 PM

Many motorists will let out a sigh of relief after reading about Finance Minister Roland Tuitt’s announcement that the annual hassle with changing number plates is history.

One could only wonder why previous governments have never taken this step. The whole song and dance at the receiver’s office where people had to cue for hours to conduct a simple transaction has always defied logic.

Minister Tuitt directly cut to the chase by throwing inefficiency and environmental unfriendliness out of the window in his drive to make paying taxes as painless as possible.

At the same time he announced the future introduction of different road tax categories, whereby large cars are going to be taxed heavier than small ones.

There are still plenty of practical questions to be answered, like: how will this measure affect government revenue, what to do when plates are destroyed in accidents or when they are no longer presentable? For sure, answers will be forthcoming, solutions will be created, and the civil servants that labored every year to help their fellow-motorists will now get time to do more useful things.

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