Editorial: Vulnerable

POSTED: 02/23/16 7:42 PM

We may live on an island but, like Sargasso seaweed, the outbreak of the Zika virus shows that our lives are impacted by what is happening in the world around us.

Zika will make a dent in tourism arrivals in the Caribbean – and therefore also in St. Maarten. Sargasso seaweed, if it indeed arrives on our shores again in large quantities will only make a bad situation worse.

It all shows how vulnerable a tourism-driven economy is. These conditions ought to inspire our government to create an attractive environment for doing business, especially in industries outside of the tourism sector.

That means less bureaucratic hassle, a flexible labor market and a well-trained labor force that is able to do more than serve drinks and rent out beach chairs.

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Editorial: Vulnerable by

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  1. TS Garp says:

    The solution is not difficult; A SURF RAKE can collect it and dump it at a designated location were it can be turned into fertilizer.