Editorial: Volunteers

POSTED: 09/7/11 1:54 PM

The Volunteers Fair St. Dominic High School organizes this Saturday highlights an often forgotten and undervalued potential. The school has made volunteer work an obligatory part of its curriculum – without it, students will not get their diploma.
After some initial grumbling back in 2007 when students linked “community service” to court sentences, community-based learning is now something students take pride in.
Now the school wants to take volunteerism to the next level by bringing all forces in this field together. It is a first step towards building a community-minded society where citizens care about their environment. Already now we see that the students who clean the Emilio Wilson Park get irritated when others carelessly litter the place.
The Volunteers Fair is an initiative that will bring together individuals and organizations with heart for their community. It holds a promise of not only immediate but also of long term benefits for that place called country St. Maarten.

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