Editorial: Vesuvius

POSTED: 10/24/12 5:55 PM

The Vesuvius-trial has almost run the first leg of its course. The prosecution has presented its case and defense attorneys have rattled the cage this week to the best of their abilities.
Where the prosecution demands two life sentences and against other defendants 8 to 11 years imprisonment attorneys have argued that the case is weak and mainly based on hearsay. They also tackled the use of tracking methods for which there is no legal basis. Yesterday suggestions were made for a different scenario that points away from the defendants and in the direction of unnamed Colombian drug dealers as the possible killers of some of the victims.
Tomorrow there is one more trial-day and by November 15 Judge Smid should present his rulings against the seven defendants. Attorneys have in almost all cases asked the court for an acquittal. It is hard to believe that such rulings could be the outcome of a large-scale investigation that has cost around $2 million.

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