Editorial: Veiled in mystery

POSTED: 04/15/14 1:12 AM

Modernizing one’s image is of all times. Companies do it, hospitals do it and political parties do it too. The new logo the National Alliance presented yesterday symbolizes indeed movement. The question remains whether all this is “oude wijn in nieuwe zakken” as the Dutch saying goes or whether the party also has a fresh message for the electorate.

For now, the answer to that question remains veiled in mystery. “Working for the development of the people” sounds too much as a classic bromide, but putting education at the top of the list is already more concrete.

Like all parties, the NA will have to come up with a program that not only appeals to the electorate, but that is also feasible. Plans and promises always sound good, but at the end of the day someone has to pay for them and it is up to the competing parties to show where that money should come from.

The timely publication of election programs is something all parties ought to take serious. That will offer the electorate insight in what each party stands for and make it possible to make an educated decision when Election Day arrives.

It makes sense to demand from parties that they publish their election programs at least a month before E-day to create time for proper analysis and public debate.


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