Editorial: Urban legends

POSTED: 11/30/12 12:34 PM

With all the controversies that surround our healthcare institutions one would be tempted to think that there is better care to be had in North Korea.

But the reality is a tad different: in spite of all the court cases, in spite of all the mudslinging we have experienced over the past week, healthcare providers soldier on – as they should, of course. The often heard story that people with double trouble – those who have a substance addiction combined with mental health issues – have nowhere to go, turns out to be an urban legend. The Mental Health Foundation is taking care of these people. The collaboration with Turning Point also runs smoothly, MHF-Director Healy says in our front page article today.

Missing in the whole setup are formal approvals and standards – the rules our healthcare providers have to live by and want to live by. As far as that is concerned the ball is in the park of Public Health Minister De Weever.

We don’t want to get into a pointless blame game; we just want to point out that working together yields better results than going to war with each other.

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