Editorial: Uphill battle (fixing St. Maarten’s integrity deficiencies)

POSTED: 08/20/14 6:25 PM

That someone chose of all options the integrity report from the Wit-Committee as a potential weapon to damage political opponents says something about how integrity is understood in St. Maarten.

From what this newspaper has been able to divine from the email address that was used to send the material to the media, it looks like someone within the United People’s party saw fit to leak the report, helpfully pointing to responsibilities Prime Minister Wescot-Williams neglected.

The truth is however that ministers linked to the United People’s party, the Democratic Party and the National Alliance are all equally guilty of the same thing – not submitting a written statement about their assets and additional functions and activities.

In that sense, the leak is backfiring, but it shows above everything else that fixing the country’s integrity deficiencies is going to be an uphill battle.

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Editorial: Uphill battle (fixing St. Maarten's integrity deficiencies) by

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  1. wilton says:

    as we knew and said before: Wescot is corrupt to the bone. That’s why she was vehemently against a integrity survey She knew the outcome beforehand.
    But Heyliger was made of the same rotten stuff !
    All the best St Maarten.