Editorial: Unsavory

POSTED: 06/14/13 12:33 PM

This afternoon six ministers will be sworn in as members of the cabinet Wescot-Williams III. This will drag politics out of the deadlock it has experienced since Romain Laville and the DP withdrew their support for the previous government on May 5.

There hangs a shadow over this ceremony of course: the absence of a Minister of Economic Affairs. Better proof that Laville flunked the screening is not available. It remains however remarkable, if not frustrating, that not a single official statement has been made about the reason why he has been refused access to the Council of Ministers.

Laville will continue as politically damaged goods in parliament, while UP-leader Theo Heyliger will remain on the sidelines. The least we had expected was an explanation about this unsavory situation, but apparently that is too much to ask.

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