Editorial: Unhappy with court ruling in favor of school

POSTED: 11/4/13 2:36 AM

The court ruling in the moustache-dispute at Learning Unlimited is, as things stand now, a slam-dunk for the school. The court has ruled that the school is free to make its own rules and that parents are free to accept or to reject them. Exceptions are “undesirable.”

The parents of the boy who is at the heart of the conflict are obviously unhappy with the court’s ruling and they will appeal the decision.

Where the case will go from here is anybody’s guess, because the argument is now predominantly about how basic rights do apply: to the relationship between the state and its citizens, or also to the direct relationship between citizens.

If a higher court arrives at the latter conclusion, this could have far-reaching consequences for the rules schools are allowed to impose on their students.

That the court did not consider the cultural and religious aspects of the case is obviously hurtful to the plaintiffs. Exactly because the court did not consider this aspect seems to indicate that the legal arguments carry more weight than the cultural and religious ones – and that is something worth thinking about.

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Editorial: Unhappy with court ruling in favor of school by

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