Editorial: Unfortunate

POSTED: 07/18/13 12:13 PM

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams used the word unfortunate several times to describe her opinion about statements independent MP Frans Richardson made about the investigation into irregularities at the National Security Service.

The MP spoke of a breach of security and referred for good measure to the case of whistleblower Edward Snowden.

While no Member of Parliament has found reason to awake from the summer-slumber and call for an urgent meeting behind closed doors, Richardson has argued that the PM should have taken the initiative for such a meeting. He also called for the PM’s resignation.

Wescot-Williams correctly pointed out yesterday that Richardson had taken the issue out of context. After all, it is not information that has disappeared but money. There is no breach of security, and it seems therefore that Richardson has made a feeble and badly informed attempt making a bad situation worse. That is, indeed, unfortunate.

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