Editorial: Undue delay of court cases

POSTED: 08/5/14 11:30 PM

Things are the way they are and so it is for the investigations that the National Detective Agency cranks out. Understaffing, limited resources and more urgent matters – they all play somehow against the proper administration of justice.

Yesterday there were two cases in court with a heavy undue delay-factor. One was the election fraud case of September 2010, the other the Eco Green lease land scandal that became public in December of the same year.

The election fraud suspects were on trial, while the embattled former Minister of Public Health Maria Buncamper-Molanus was fighting her case in front of the Judge of Instruction.

It is not reasonable to let criminal investigations hang over anybody’s head for such a long time, so as time goes by suspects become victims that win sympathy in some circles.

That does not do anybody any good. Something is wrong when it is wrong and it has to be dealt with. If the system is unable to handle the workload, it ought to find alternatives – like a system of heavy fines. That would give all parties a way out whereby justice is served and people are able to move on with their lives.

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