Editorial: Underworld

POSTED: 09/18/15 11:54 AM

Attorney-General Guus Schram made a very clear statement yesterday during the installation of a new judge. “There are numerous indications showing that the underworld and legitimate society in Sint Maarten are structurally intertwined.”

True – Schram spoke of indications, but the key word here is ‘numerous’ because that established a worrisome pattern. Based on information the attorney-general apparently has, politicians, directors, top officials and other influential people have been deliberately going against government policy for all the wrong reasons: self-interest, the interests of third parties and financial gain.

Coming from such a high-ranking source we can no longer maintain that this is just hearsay from Dutch with a neocolonial agenda – unless somebody has proof to the contrary.

At the same time, Schram’s statement obliges his office to grab the bull by the horns and produce irrevocable proof of the involvement of these criminal elements.

We better clean up our house before somebody else does it for us. That is also part of being an autonomous country.

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