Editorial: Uncertainty

POSTED: 07/15/15 11:25 PM

Considering the Kingdom Council of Ministers’ move to postpone the decision about an instruction for St. Maarten until after the summer as good news would be a mistake because the non-decision leaves the country in uncertainty and projects that should have started a long time ago remain in limbo.

Once the summer is over, an instruction will be close to pointless, because by then all eyes are on the budget for 2016.

If the kingdom insists, the relevant departments have no choice but to put a lot of energy in the execution of whatever the content of the instruction will be.

It is a sure thing that this way, the 2016 budget will never make its deadline – and so, history will repeat itself. A suggestion was made to us yesterday that seemingly makes sense: forget about the 2015 budget – the government can work with the one of 2014 – and set a hard deadline for the 2016 budget.

All this under one condition: miss the deadline, get an instruction.

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