Editorial: Uncertainty about G.E.B.E.’s utilities relief program

POSTED: 06/14/14 12:30 AM

The utility relief program for seniors Gebe is offering remains somehow shrouded in a veil of secrecy. The registration form does not give a single indication about the requirements seniors have to meet to qualify for the program. As it stands now, all seniors of 62 and older with legal status in St. Maarten and a Gebe-account in their name qualify.

That cannot be the objective of a relief program. There are wealthy seniors and desperately poor seniors. Where will Gebe draw the line?

The household income seems to be a more sensible criterion than age. In March the company announced that this would be one of the yard sticks, but that seems to be all but forgotten by now.

Seniors – rich and poor – have until June 30 to register for the program. What Gebe will do with the applications is a mystery, and this means that many seniors will be kept in uncertainty. That cannot be the objective of an otherwise good initiative.

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Editorial: Uncertainty about G.E.B.E.'s utilities relief program by

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