Editorial: U2 could have moved

POSTED: 09/3/12 11:04 PM

The last number we heard about the participation in Prime Minister Wescot-Williams’ U 2 Can Move initiative was 250.
We like the initiative, as we have indicated before. But 250 participants?
The civil service had at last count something like 1,650 employees, and this puts the participation percentage a bit over 15 percent.
This means that 85 percent of our civil servants snubbed the idea. That makes us think that they were either too fit, too fat, or too busy to take part in an event that could have showed the community that taking some exercise is not only necessary, but that it can also be a lot of fun, as the pictures we present to our readers today show.
Maybe next time? For now, 1,400 civil servants will probably hear from their more active colleagues for a long time: U 2 could have moved.

Editors note:
Due to technical problems Today did not appear on Saturday. We apologize to our clients and our readers for the inconvenience.

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