Editorial: Troublemakers

POSTED: 10/13/15 3:16 PM

The motion of no confidence against the Gumbs cabinet was signed by a bunch of troublemakers, if we freely interpret Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs’ statement.

Since those troublemakers can only have been part of the former coalition, it is easy to pick out their names: MPs Silvio Matser, Frans Richardson and Maurice Lake.

It is fair to assume that these problems are also at the heart of the motion of no confidence: these parliamentarians did not get their way and therefore they withdrew their support for the cabinet.

To the electorate it would be enlightening to know what exactly these problems have been.

Who will be man enough to step forward and say what this crisis is really all about? Decency requires cabinet members to remain silent, so the ball is in the park of the trio that set the house on fire.

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