Editorial: Transparency

POSTED: 10/8/13 11:20 AM

There is plenty of space for improvement in the field of transparency in St. Maarten. We all know this, so it is nothing new really. The government has to be transparent in its decision making and the body that controls the government-the parliament- also has to contribute to this process.

Part of all this is the free flow and the accessibility of that information. The sad state of the parliament’s website shows that there is still a lot of work to be done. The information on the side is hopelessly out of date and leaves citizens clueless about what is happening in the parliament.

What visitors to this site do get- and this was exactly the same under the previous coalition- is an overkill of information about the activities of the parliament’s president. This creates the impression that the site is a public relations vehicle-exactly what it should not be.

It does not take a lot to improve this situation-just a little bit of awareness about the true function of the website and about what citizens expect from it.

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