Editorial: Tough talk (airport shooting in Curacao)

POSTED: 07/21/14 1:55 PM

The airport shooting in Curacao has put Curacao’s Justice Minister Nelson Navarro in overdrive. With a live broadcast speech on TV, he announced tough measures to increase the safety of the island’s population.

Navarro announced that the measures would influence people’s privacy, without saying what these measures are. It seems that the minister is overreacting, or that he is reacting very late.

A gangster is shot at the airport and Navarro announces in veiled terms that he is going to turn Curacao into a police state.

Enough is enough, the minister said in his speech.

We thought Curacao had already reached this point on May 5, 2013 – the day Elvis Kuwas assassinated Pueblo Soberano-leader Helmin Wiels in Marie Pompoen.

What did the minister do after that crime and why is he now suddenly so bent on throwing the privacy of law-abiding citizens out of the window?

We figure that the minister delivered what the people expected: tough talk.

Whether law enforcement will be able to maintain his tough measures all-year round and for years to come, that is another question altogether.


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Editorial: Tough talk (airport shooting in Curacao) by

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