Editorial: Tis the season

POSTED: 11/25/13 12:35 PM

The festive season is right around the corner and don’t we know it. We’re still in November but already we notice that criminals are gearing up to collect their Christmas presents. The daylight robbery that took place yesterday in the middle of the day at a store on Front Street is a fine example of what should not happen in Philipsburg during the high season.

There will always be crime – sad as such an observation may be – but the time is approaching for especially jewelry stores to terminate their open door policy and to let customers enter only after they have rung the bell. This way, masked armed robbers will think twice before targeting one of these stores, and customers will get a greater sense of security.

Such a measure would obviously force citizens with bad intentions to go elsewhere, so in that sense it is not a real solution. However, as an initiative that could make the center of the tourist business a safer place it seems worth the effort.

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