Editorial: Time

POSTED: 01/10/13 1:00 PM

The concept of time is not the same for everyone and in a way, it is culturally defined. In Japan, arriving even a minute late at an appointment is close to a deadly sin. In the Netherlands the “Dutch quarter of an hour” is the standard lame excuse for meetings that never begin on time. In St. Maarten ….., well, everybody knows how things go here. Some events are announced as started at X-hour sharp as if this hint would move people to stick to the clock.

In court yesterday, a young defendant who had to appear at 2 p.m. (sharp, we’d say) arrived twenty minutes late and by that time his case had been dealt with in his absence and his sentence was already on the books. Thought the court was lenient enough to give him a rundown of the case, he did not get anything to say in his defense that mattered to his sentence.

Time is valuable and people who let others wait are therefore wasting a fluid commodity. It is not possible to recapture a wasted minute. Something to think about.

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