Editorial: Time for a gesture

POSTED: 10/31/13 11:23 AM

The country is bracing for the austerity measures that will come with the draft 2014 budget. The message from both Finance Minister Martin Hassink and financial supervisor Cft is clear: budget with caution, do not spend more than you get in, and cap the budget for the time being at 420 million guilders.

That target is 20 million below the 2013 budget and the question is now how the government will distribute the pain. The country’s track record with magical revenue-generating measures is extremely bad. Just think about Shigemoto’s tax on foreign condo owners and Tuitt’s failed attempt to increase tax on alcohol and tobacco.

The logical way to put the financial household in order is therefore a cost-saving exercise. Rather than taking the easy way out and grabbing subsidies from social organizations, the government will have to go around in its own house where personnel expenses are out of control.

A continued vacancy stop, frozen salaries for civil servants, a farewell to the cost of living adjustment – these options must all be in the Finance Minister’s crosshairs. The Parliament and the high Councils of State have also been asked to cut their budgets.

Maybe this is the right time for members of the government and members of parliament to make a gesture and give up, say, 5 percent of their bloated salaries?

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