Editorial: Through the wallet

POSTED: 07/5/13 12:03 PM

As long as there is money to be made in the drugs business ugly crimes like the murder on French Quarter resident Gaston Gumbs will continue to happen.

There is a way to tackle this issue from a different angle though: through the wallet. How often do we not see people drive around in expensive cars and wonder: where did they get the money? All citizens must be able to give a reasonable explanation for the origin of their assets. A twenty-something in an $80,000-car with heavily tinted windows ought to give reasonable cause for a closer look.

While this should not turn into a witch hunt based on a formula like young+black+tinted windows+expensive SUV = drug dealer, it is time to explore these alternative approaches. They could discourage criminals and they could also prevent things from getting out of hand the way they did in the Gaston Gumbs-case.

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