Editorial: Think tanks

POSTED: 06/24/13 11:57 AM

Our young country has no shortage of advisory bodies – from the Social Economic Council and the Council of Advice, to the General Audit Chamber, the Corporate Governance Council and the Ombudsman. There is also the SHTA (hospitality) the SMMTA (marine industry) and of course the Chamber of Commerce. With so many think tanks in-house, who needs consultants?

Remarkably, we hear now from the Social Economic Council that the government does little to nothing with its advice, a sentiment that has in the past also been expressed by the Corporate Governance Council.

Still, to arrive at the best possible decisions – based on solid arguments instead of personal agendas – advice from all these institutions is invaluable. Ignoring it is a bit like not paying heed to concerned parents that just told their toddler not to stick its little fingers in an electrical outlet.

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