Editorial: They’re all guilty

POSTED: 08/26/14 7:01 PM

The court ruling in the election fraud case must be manna from heaven for politicians. No crime was committed; the favorite line of UP-candidate Maria Buncamper-Molanus might soon become the mantra of other misguided politicians.

The court declared the Public Prosecutor’s Office inadmissible and that lets the four surviving suspects off the hook.

But closer scrutiny of the considerations the court included in its decision shows that the court considers all guilty – not only the four suspects, but also the United People’s party and its leader Theo Heyliger.

The court accuses the prosecutor’s office of class justice – at least the semblance of it – and it finds it incomprehensible that the UP and its leader were left out of the investigation.

The court has no doubts that an uncle of party leader Heyliger gave money to “a fellow-suspect dressed in a police uniform.”

The principle of equal treatment and the ban on arbitrariness saved the four suspects from a conviction – but that does not change their guilt or the overwhelmingly clear evidence that the UP was in the process of buying votes in September 2010.

Do it again, and a full-blown criminal investigation will follow, the court ruling promises.

It sounds good, but will it really change a habit that seems so utterly ingrained in local politicians?

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