Editorial: Theme park

POSTED: 12/11/13 6:37 PM

The rapid initiative by Binkie van Es to put a plan together for an eco-friendly theme park in Little Bay is a highly commendable example of citizen-participation.

With no zoning plan in place, anything could happen once the property is sold and that could put the pond in this area – an incredibly peaceful retreat for birds – in danger.

It is not the first time that the disappearing ponds on the island have been brought to the attention of decision makers. Environmental organizations like Pride and Epic have gone that road before Van Es. Of the original 19 ponds that dotted the island’s natural environment, there are just six left – and it’s time to take their value serious as a component of our tourist product.

Van Es is on a roll with his plan to make something good happen in Little Bay – and this newspaper will be with him all the way.

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