Editorial: The war on guns

POSTED: 01/24/14 3:12 PM

Two disturbing police reports caught our attention. There was a brazen public shooting early yesterday morning, and a teenager was found in possession of a powerful semi-automatic handgun. At times St. Maarten’s headlines become dominated by the shenanigans of politicians, and sometimes justifiably so. But we can’t lose sight of the bigger picture in society, becoming unnecessarily obsessed with politics.

There is an epidemic on this island and it has nothing to do with mosquitoes. These other bugs bite hard and can kill you. Even in the right hands, a gun is dangerous. But in the wrong hands a gun is far more dangerous, especially if those hands are barely old enough to understand the consequences of his actions. What does a teenager know about the world?

The gun epidemic must have the attention of the authorities and it should be brought into open debate. The fish fry shooting last year on French St. Martin is a tragic reminder that our streets, both sides, have too many guns on them.

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