Editorial: The time for St. Maarten Government to study is over

POSTED: 09/14/11 12:10 PM

The government of St. Maarten will spend its second year studying what actions to take. This is the strong impression that we take away from the State of the Nation address delivered by Governor drs. Eugene Holiday on Tuesday.

We are disappointed that more and more study on issues is still the way forward, because we believe that the time for study is over. While we understand that much of the constitutional change process was focused on building democratic structures, there was time and attention for other processes. To hear that government is still mulling the details of the National Health Insurance, that the new tax system will not be ready for another 12 to 18 months and that there won’t be a decision on currency until sometime in 2012 is disappointing.
The disappointment stems from the fact that the administration has been working on some of these processes for years and many of the actors in the process now, were there when studies were made and reports presented. Albeit the economic climate has changed but we do not believe it has changed so much that we need to study things all over again.
In all reality we believe that the time for study is over and the government and parliament needs to begin making and implementing decisions. None of these should be entered into lightly and the first days of implementation will not be life on easy street. But let’s face facts and understand that if nothing is ventured, then nothing is gained.

To continue talking about development, without actually doing some development is lip service we can no longer afford, because the continued lack of clarity while the government studies National Health Insurance, a new tax structure and a decision on currency continue, alongside the crime rate, to put our economy in further jeopardy.

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