Editorial: The technological future

POSTED: 06/18/12 12:44 PM

The fact that the University of St. Martin is still in some financial trouble is no great surprise. In fact it’s become a recurring theme. What is news is that things now really seem to be getting better with the finances and the university’s leadership seem have grasped the wave of the future – e-learning. That fact is the singular most important thing that USM and the country need to hold onto.
It is fact that technology changed the way the world communicates and to a very large extent the way people purchase goods and services. And if we look at education as a service, then it too must join the march of technology and those who sell/trade it must use modern mechanisms.
One only needs to look at shopping streets around the world. Most of them are ghost where can i buy cheap valium towns and the stores are empty, unless there is some additional draw to get people in the door. Travel agencies are seeing their business falling as more and more people buy their tickets themselves from the comfort of their home. This same reality is affecting education as more and more people pursue degrees via open universities and distance learning, so they can study at their own pace.
We realize this country – like others in the region – is slow to change and adopt more efficient measures like greater use of technology, especially because of social concerns about people’s employment. We suggest shifting away from that, making the necessary reforms early and retraining those who want to be part of the new future of USM so that there is indeed continuity.

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