Editorial: The road to independence?

POSTED: 11/12/11 6:31 AM

It is well known that at least one cabinet minister who spoke on St.
Maarten’s Day believes St. Maarten’s future is as an independent state, where
the two sides have one administration, fly one flag and have one anthem etc.
The way the official speeches went on St. Maarten’s Day is therefore indicative
that there’s been a soft start to feeling out the support for that option.

The first clue is that no
representative of what is sometimes openly called the colonial authorities of
the Netherlands and France spoke at Friday’s ceremony. This break with
tradition is sure to raise some eyebrows.

The second clue is that the speeches shifted away from talking about
the need for functional cooperation and onto the oneness of the island and its
people. Parties could very well be at the point where they believe rather than
making promises to cooperate, they’ll work to do it. But we’re tempted to
believe the political leadership on both sides is getting closer and closer to
supporting the independence movement, especially when the President of the
Collectivite says, “one people is in the making.”

Whether independence is
the right option at this time is a somewhat moot point because no one on either
side has really been pressing for it publically. But the continued expressions
of frustration by the political leaders on both sides that they can’t deepen
cooperation because of the way powers are divided, may yet force the issue onto
the front burner.

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