Editorial: The right side of emancipation

POSTED: 06/27/12 12:37 PM

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Silveria Jacobs is obviously on the right side of history and the right side of the manner in which emancipation/freedom should be celebrated. The minister also makes it clear for all to see in her statements on Tuesday that next week’s Emancipation Day Celebration is also about tearing down walls between national/ethnic groups and bringing all who live here together. It is at moments like this and with a minister like this, that we must truly celebrate the beauty of St. Maarten.
For any who would doubt it emancipation is a universal principle and every human being is on a continuous quest to be free in one way other. Emancipation is one of the core values of every religion the world over. Emancipation was and is at the heart of the civil rights movement. Emancipation is at the core of every political system and constitutional structure including communism, which seeks to ensure that all citizens in a country are taken care of at a basic level.
It is clear then that because the coming ceremony is not about race, religion, ethnicity or the like that all of St. Maarten should join in.

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Editorial: The right side of emancipation by

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