Editorial: The right medicine

POSTED: 10/2/12 1:49 PM

With the arrest of a 17-year-old suspect the investigation into the murders of Michael and Thelma King has entered a new phase. Of course, the teenager is at this stage a suspect, but based on his arrest one must assume that investigators have information to back up their suspicions.

That a kid of just seventeen could be involved in such a heinous crime is incomprehensible. It shows that there is something seriously wrong with our society and the terrible thing is that nobody is ably to put a finger on it, let alone come up with a plan to lead other youngsters in a more positive direction.

That should not be a reason to give up. On the contrary, it should spur on our decision makers to reshuffle its priorities and to make at least an honest effort to come up with some suggestions.

These crimes will not be prevented with more police or with tougher prison sentences. The root cause goes much deeper.

Instead of looking at the back end of this situation, decision makers – at home, at school, in parliament and in the government – ought to pay more attention to the front end – the place where it all begins, and administer the right medicine there.

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