Editorial: The punishing provision

POSTED: 06/6/12 12:00 PM

Don’t lose your driver’s license. That is the message the understandable government wants to send to people with its proposal for higher fees for getting a driver’s license that is lost.
While the proposal seems on the up and up, we’re a bit concerned about the implementation. One valid question would be: Does a person get some consideration if their bag or wallet is stolen with their license in it? That is a very real possibility and we think it would be unfair to punish someone who is already dealing with the pain of having been robbed. As it is written now the proposal does not specify that people who get robbed will get some sort of reprieve.
And while we’re on the matter, seeing as the government wants to prevent fraud, we think it will be idea to keep a registry of all licenses and even identification cards that are lost or stolen. Each of these cards has a specific number when they are issued so a few strokes should allow officials to know when they’ve been handed a shady card through accessing a digital system. This is of course a longer term plan, but in the meantime that punishing provision needs to be looked at.

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