Editorial: The positive and the negative

POSTED: 06/10/11 2:07 PM

It is with interest that we note Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte has informed Dutch Minister of Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner that his government will ask the Supervisory Board of Directors of Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten to investigate the bank’s functioning with assistance from the General Audit Chamber of Curacao. There is a positive and negative to this development.

In the positive category it gives St. Maarten a chance to participate in the research and can likely tell us, just how badly or – in the small off chance – well equipped the branch in St. Maarten is to handle supervising the financial sector here. While we understand that concerns in Curacao led to this point, we believe that this is an opportunity not to be missed, especially since the initial committee did not involve participation from St. Maarten.

On the negative side of things, Schotte reveals – again – that he’s a wheeler and dealer looking to ensure that he stays in the position of Prime Minister. That includes making sure that he toes the line laid by coalition partners, while reneging on an agreement with the Kingdom Council of Ministers. That helps to keep the peace at home, but most certainly will ignite a hail storm of criticism from across the ocean.

What prompted the Curacaoan leader to withdraw the request is really something best known to him, but there may a hint in the fact that Minister Donner had said the independent committee would also investigate the Government of Curacao. That is obviously undesirable and Schotte has now created a situation where his government escapes scrutiny from multiple angles and deflects the light of scrutiny squarely onto the Director of the Central Bank Emsley Tromp in an attempt to finally do what they’ve wanted to do since taking office.


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