Editorial: The new tone

POSTED: 11/29/11 7:07 AM

The race for spots on the board of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce have taken on a new tone. What was once an event confined to business circles has now spilled into the wider public. It also has a bit of the feel of a political campaign where candidates and parties seek to profile themselves by issuing statements and holding meet and greets.
What is also remarkable and at the same encouraging is that quite a number of young people are in the running for the available positions. This is good for the Chamber as it sparks the potential for fresh blood, energy and ideas to make their way to the top of the organization. The enthusiasm brought by these young people and more seasoned members of the Chamber should allow for the organization to become better and for better understanding of the challenges being encountered by the next generation of business people.
No matter what the outcome, the fact that young people are participating in this election should also be noted as the start of a transition from an old guard to a new one. That should be encouraged and allowed to spread beyond the business and political sector where that transition is also starting. The youth shall inherit the nation, and every wise inheritor knows they must contribute to their nest egg’s growth, so on their turn they can multiply it for the generation that will follow.

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