Editorial: The need for repairs and community assistance

POSTED: 10/31/11 12:56 PM

The proof of the need for repairs on the Pointe Blanche prison became blaringly obvious on Sunday when Anthony Ray Spencer became the second prisoner for the year to escape from the prison be climbing through a hole in the roof in the kitchen. While government bureaucracy continues to turn slowly, a prisoner has thought outside of the box and found his way back onto the streets.

Understandably naysayers in certain arenas cannot believe that he jumped over the wall of the prison after running on the roof. We emphatically disagree with them, because any man who is captured will contemplate and attempt any desperate scheme to escape his imprisonment. In fact is it so hard to believe he’d do it, considering the very public reports of a man who jumped off a two story building and shattered his ankles in an attempt to avoid being captured by immigration officers. Back then it was an isolated incident, but it left an example for other desperate people – Sunday’s escapee included – to follow.

The one prevailing question now is how long it will take before the police can find and redetain Spencer. The answer to that depends on each of us playing a role and reporting if we spot Spencer. It took 162 days to recapture Chucky Omar Nelson who was holed up and protected in Dutch Quarter. With the force now pushed to its limits on murder cases and violent crimes the need for each citizen to play their role in finding Spencer becomes all the more important.

In much the same way it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a nation to stamp out crime.

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Editorial: The need for repairs and community assistance by

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