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POSTED: 06/17/11 2:26 PM

Consultation and research are no doubt the main theme of our newspaper today. Some of it is good and some of may put storm clouds on the horizon.

Among the things to be highlighted is that youth have been given a voice through a Knowledge, Attitudes, Perceptions and Behavior Study that will give policy makers insight into how the nation’s youth look at things like sex and sexuality, drugs and alcohol and gangs. That kind of understanding is valuable to crafting strategies that will really have impact.

The fact that the Rotary Club and the St. Maarten Alzheimer Foundation have teamed up to raise awareness about dementia and Alzheimer is also a great example of collaboration. One that speaks again of the collective psyche of St. Maarten – that spirit of we can do all things well, when we do them together.

A meeting between some of the island’s parliamentarians in Amsterdam should not be seen as just a photo-op. These meetings offer the students the chance to hear what is going on at home. Undoubtedly there will be some politicking in the social gathering, but what is a room full of politicians without just a bit of politicking.

Then there’s the fact that Minister of Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner plans to hold talks on the independent committee agreed to in the Kingdom Council of Ministers on June 1. While that may stir trouble in Philipsburg, we can anticipate there’ll be a firestorm of criticism when he broaches the subject in Curacao.

There are a plethora of other examples and we urge you to look at them all, because as we stress here, talking to each other, learning from one another and working together, even when we disagree, are what help to make a nation great.


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