Editorial: The greater risk

POSTED: 12/29/11 11:59 AM

The fact that the Harbour Group of Companies is considering not sponsoring the fireworks in Philipsburg after we ring in 2012 is an indictment against businesses in Philipsburg, who have not grasped the opportunity that was presented to them because of the annual shows. It also sends them the clear message that if they want to help revitalize Philipsburg there must be an element of do it yourself or finding partners like the Harbour Group to put on complimentary events to draw crowds.
It is a shame that what has become a tradition to some is on the brink of being wiped out because of a lack of vision on how to use a yearend event like the fireworks display to get people into town, where the same businesses can promote themselves to local and visiting shoppers. Imagine for example free concerts, plus mega posy Christmas sales that end just as the fireworks go up. That combination is a win-win-win for everyone.
The restaurants on the Great Bay Beach promenade are already doing their part by providing the meals and the drinks, but they’re not the only ones who can keep the crowds going. There would need to be a variety of activities like even a raffle on the hour of some kind in order to add some pep to things.
Anyway you look at it there must be more commitment to making the New Year celebration in Philipsburg more than what it is, or the businesses risk losing more than just a fireworks show. They risk the capital becoming a ghost town – even at New Years.

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