Editorial: The first step to true emancipation

POSTED: 06/5/12 11:53 AM

We cannot understand why some continue to make slavery in the Americas and its end a matter of skin color. It is historic fact that slavery has existed in many forms and been experienced by many ethnic groups for millennia. The lesson of those many millennia is that the fight against injustices like slavery and victory of being emancipated from them is less about the color of one’s skin and more about the evil nature of the system.
It is unclear to us why some feel the need to continue to hold on to the color issue, instead of teaching people of any and all colors that their freedom delivers not the right to advancement, but the responsibility to take care of themselves and their family. Instead of teaching black people not to feel inferior, we think it is best in this modern world to teach all people they are equal. That would be a purer and better way to honor what happened when slavery was abolished. It would also be the first step to true emancipation.

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