Editorial: The dangerous beauty of what if

POSTED: 06/24/11 12:51 PM

It is said that the words what and if cause no damage when they are separate, but put them together and you end up with quite an explosive situation. The growing camp of people who support Regina Labega’s appointment as Managing Director of the Princess Juliana International Airport are trying their best to avoid that explosion. Their unwillingness to go there is not hard to understand, considering that they are willing to put their hands in the fire and state she’s the best fit for the airport.

It is also not hard to understand that in the realm of what if, nothing progresses or grows, it simply stagnates. The realm of what if is an unsavory place of fear, uncertainty and doubt and those are things all human beings try to avoid.

While it is true that Labega’s prosecution is still in the realm of what if, there is a hard fact that there is an open investigation to be dealt with. That gives us pause to consider the wisdom of appointing someone who will have to spend some time defending herself. We also cannot help but question that if a member or members of the cabinet are concerned about Emsley Tromp having to defend himself in Curacao, why is there no concern that the director of St. Maarten’s most key asset will potentially have to go through the same thing?

The beauty of what if is that it allows a moment to be cautious and really consider the consequences of the action to be taken. Clearly that caution has already been thrown to the wind. All we can do is wait and see what will happen if (or when) the prosecutor decides to take the matter to court and if (or when) that results in a conviction.

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