Editorial: The budget is coming to you

POSTED: 09/28/11 12:13 PM

Members of Parliament have expressed massive concern about whether the Justice Ministry will have sufficient funds in 2012 to hire more officers and to give them the tools to do their work. There is one way for them to ensure that this is the case – Diligently review the government’s budget when it is submitted and then make proposals to match the national concerns and priorities.

We find it too easy for MPs to shove the responsibility for the budget process on the Council of Ministers and then simply act as a rubber stamp, by asking many questions without submitting and approving proposals.

One recent example of how that becomes a fiasco is the strike action by teachers and civil servants over the splitting of their cost of living adjustment. MPs in the coalition backed away from taking the decision after approving the budget along party lines but that does not take away that they did not do their due diligence.

So with the budget coming to you at some point this year we urge the members of parliament to read the document as thoroughly as possible, take the time to review it carefully, without it being shoved through and get each minister what they need to take care of our country and its people.

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